To positively impact and help redefine the MUSIC and ENTERTAINMENT industry throughout the world by building sustainable and innovative opportunities for artists to bring their influence to every sector of industry and society.

To significantly facilitate the calling and destiny of the artist through building and managing relationships across industry and society.


Founder / Director

Deb Fung

With a Bachelor in Commerce Law and Masters in Arts Management, Deb Fung brings over 12 years of professional industry experience across all areas of Tour Management, Artist Representation, Event Production and Consulting. Successfully building the reputations and markets of a number of prominent artists on social media, Deb has established and enjoyed long term, tried and trusted relationships and connections within the industry.

Founder of previous business, Monsoon Productions (2003-2011) and independent artist since 2002, Deb has personally traversed the realms of the industry as a touring, performing and recording artist releasing five full length original albums over 8 years and regularly touring Asia Pacific between 2005 and 2010. She has represented artists as personal manager, successfully launching their careers and providing ongoing consulting to a number of others. When she can spare the time, she lectures undergraduate and post graduate business students at the Australian Institute of Music in business management subjects.

Deb has a personal passion and commitment to matters concerning social justice that translates through the company. The creation of Soulheartist is the manifestation of Deb’s heart and vision to see artists, industry and society unite to make significant positive change in areas of humanity that are in desperate need.

Committed to the entertainment industry through thick and thin, Deb’s experience and dedication to the artist and connected industry professionals continues to build strong networks and unique opportunities for everyone she works with and for.

Project Manager

Marcus Liew

With a background in law and having worked with one of Singapore’s top entertainment firms Samuel Seow Law Corporation, as well as in-house lawyer for the legal team at Electronic Arts Asia Pacific, Marcus brings a wealth of knowledge and industry know-how to the Team. Marcus oversees tour and event projects covering the event, negotiations, marketing, sponsorship and media components, bringing the Soulmanna Live team seamlessly together from all corners of Asia Pacific.

Event Manager, Artist Liaison

Esther Kim

Esther’s experience in event planning and liaison is matched by her extensive networks in the youth and young adult communities in Australia. From managing youth camps to creative arts groups and bands across organisations and events, Esther’s passion is to empower young people in their destinies and to be of positive impact to them through the artists and projects we manage. With a Korean heritage, Esther is a valuable communication link to our Korean artists and patrons.

Artist Liaison

Dimity Statheos

As an accomplished classical and session violinist herself, Dimity is familiar with the matters pertinent to performing artists. Her experience includes A&R for large music and conference events in Australia, as well as the intensities involved in principal artist management. Dimity has a critical ear, eye and acumen for the artists she works with, and a second-to-none loyalty and commitment that is rare to find in the artist management world. Regularly overseeing events and venue operations for our Australia-leg tours, Dimity’s eye for detail and commitment to excellence ensures smooth running and exceptional event management for our clients.


We enjoy long term, trusted partnerships in the various areas of our business. We work with companies both small and large who are savvy with today’s marketing mechanisms, have an interest in mutually beneficial patronage, and have an appetite for the momentum and excitement that is generated as a natural result of what we do. At Soulmanna Live it is in our DNA to work hard and smart, redesigning, collaborating and co-creating with others as we go because new opportunities are constantly arising in this changing industry. We specialize in the area of converting web-based social media networks to true fan patronage, and we cherish and value our partners who play a part with us in fulfilling the bigger picture.